Cosmic Kids 3 > Course concept

What happened at the UltraScience Centre?
WhatĒs the secret information in the stolen notebook?

Find the answers to all these questions in the exciting third adventure of Cosmic Kids.
Young learners will really enjoy learning English through animated stories, interactive gaming, songs, blogs, plays and projects while reading all about the mystery at the UltraScience Centre.

Cosmic Kids is a fun, three-level course for Senior A-B-C students written especially for Greece and Cyprus. This course ensures that all skills are integrated within the English language teaching syllabus, while giving special attention to writing and grammar.

The series is fully supported with state-of-the-art digital components that learners at this age love to engage with.

Cosmic Kids 3 > Students' Book with ActiveBook

Give students real, integrated skills practice, with extra emphasis on vocabulary and writing. Focus on progressive language development, while familiar exam task types are integrated within the syllabus.

Get students engrossed in the amusing "Find" game and they will never complain about doing another Review unit again! And if you need even more support just go to the back of the book and find a wealth of material including plays, projects, songs, pronunciation, wordlists and a fantastic Grammar file.

What more do your students get?
The complete StudentsĒ book in digital format! It is called ActiveBook and lets students continue learning even through their PC at home.

  • All exercises in interactive format
  • Fantastic animated cartoon stories of the adventures of Cosmic Kids
  • Audio for all the reading texts
  • Extra practice through fun interactive games

sample pages of Cosmic Kids 3 StudentsĒ Book.

Cosmic Kids 3 > Workbook
  • All language from the StudentsĒ Book thoroughly recycled through task types familiar to students
  • Extra practice for each lesson of the StudentsĒ Book
  • Review sections after every unit
  • Extra writing practice
  • Motivating Cosmic fun sections

sample pages of Cosmic Kids 3 Workbook.

Cosmic Kids 3 > Grammar Book

Grammar comes to life through the UltraScience Centre cartoon characters also starring in the Cosmic Kids 3 Students' Book.

  • Full explanations of the grammar from each lesson of the StudentsĒ Book
  • Be careful sections to focus on common grammar mistakes
  • Grammar activation using the characters from the StudentsĒ Book
  • Extensive practice of the grammar from the StudentsĒ Book
  • All about you! personalisation exercises
  • Time to talk! sections to encourage grammar activation
  • Reviews every two units
  • Photocopiable Grammar Tests for each unit in the overprinted
  • TeacherĒs edition
  • Irregular verbs list

sample pages of Cosmic Kids 3 Grammar Book.

Cosmic Kids 3 > Companion
  • Full wordlists for each unit
  • Practice exercises using a variety of different task types
  • Review sections after every two units
  • Grammar tables in Greek for easy reference

sample pages of Cosmic Kids 3 Companion.

Cosmic Kids 3 > Test Book
  • Two grammar and vocabulary tests for each unit
  • Reviews every two units with reading and writing tasks
  • Two mid-year tests with reading and writing tasks
  • Two end-of-year tests with reading and writing tasks
  • Two final tests with reading and writing tasks

sample pages of Cosmic Kids 3 Test Book.

Cosmic Kids 3 > Teacher's Book
  • Full colour interleaved TeacherĒs book
  • Full support on every section of the StudentsĒ book
  • Answers justification for reading and listening parts
  • Practical notes for using the interactive whiteboard software
  • Extra quizzes
  • Extra speaking practice and extra writing practice with models
  • Support on using the Active Teach IWB software in class
Cosmic Kids 3 > TeacherĒs ActiveTeach Software

Grab your studentsĒ attention, save time and improve classroom management.

  • Fully interactive versions of all the StudentsĒ Book and Workbook activities
  • Animated cartoon stories
  • Check answers for ALL exercises
  • Complete audio for StudentsĒ Book, with show script option
  • Wordlist dictation function
  • Flexible zoom-ins
  • Ability to add notes and resources
  • Extra Editable Tests
  • Extra Competitive interactive games for students to play in class

of the Cosmic Kids 3 ActiveTeach.