Olivia Johnston was born in Libya and grew up in the Middle East. She has a degree in Classics (Latin and ancient Greek) from Cambridge and a PGCE in TEFL and EDC (education in developing countries) from the Institute of Education. She has taught EFL in the UK, Italy, Algeria and Morocco.

She has been writing EFL materials full time since 1980. She has written for primary, secondary and adult students but most of her textbooks are for young teens.

"I love creating reading puzzles and, although I am not at all musical, I enjoy writing song lyrics. I also like showing students new strategies that they can use inside or outside the classroom."

Olivia lives in London. Her hobbies are gardening, ceramics and learning languages.

Nick has worked in English Language Teaching for just over thirty years. Originally on the staff of the Instituto Anglo Mexicano de Cultura in Mexico City, he has been involved in all aspects of teaching English at all levels, as a teacher, teacher trainer, IT specialist and Cambridge examiner.

More recently he has been working as an academic consultant in Europe, the Middle East and Latin America. Currently he is involved with materials production and teacher training in Greece, Poland, Argentina and the Kurdistan region of Iraq. He has worked with all the major ELT publishers in the United Kingdom and he has written a wide range of ELT books for students in primary and secondary schools around the world.